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Ever since, there has always been a great deal of controversy revolving around hypnosis and hypnotherapy, people before has viewed it as mysterious and even magical, while there are others who think that Hypnosis could be the work of the devil that is done to take advantage of other people. A lot of questions have been revolving around this subject and I think that it is high time that you get an answer to some of them.

I guess the reason why hypnosis has always been viewed as something mystic is because we look at it as something mysterious to a point of being magical, and we make a big fuss over it. But the reality is, hypnosis is actually a basic or a fundamental human trait. We all experience being in a hypnotic state at some point of the day, it is actually already hardwired to us and we cannot get through the day without going through it.

Even if nothing actually happens, we are still going to experience being in a hypnotic trance state because our brains have been designed to go into a trance state every ninety minutes or so. You might have even noticed yourself going into this state. There are times in a day when you will feel energetic and focused but after some time, you will begin to feel day dreamy and fuzzy, that is what we call the ultradian rhythm.

What Happens in the Brain During Hypnosis?

The debates that revolve around the subject of hypnosis have been about its psychobiological aspects or what is actually happening in the brain when a person is in a hypnotic state? There are some who believe that people get into an altered state of consciousness, there are those who believe that nothing changes or happens at all while there are also people who believe that people under hypnosis are just acting to please the hypnotist.

The advancements in technology and neuroscience have now made a way in order for us to know and to monitor the changes in the activities of the brain as the person undergoes hypnosis. And studies have shown that there is indeed a demonstrable change or effect on the brain.

Stanford University conducted a famous experiment where selected students were connected to a machine that monitors changes within the brain activity. In the experiment, the students were asked to look at a black and white picture and when they were already under the hypnotic state, they were told that, in fact the picture was colored. As the suggestion was made, the brain scan showed that the area of the brain responsible for processing color became active.

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Hypnosis and Dreaming Sleep

A study that was conducted by psychologists named Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell showed that hypnosis is linked to Rapid Eye Movement of the REM state, this is more commonly associated with dreaming sleep. It has also been discovered that REM is actually something that all mammals experience so it is not exclusive to just humans. click here for more